Filmmaker Jeff Eichen - Lifers Madness The Movie at Cannacon Seattle 2019

"Lifers" will tell the TRUTH!!!

Lifers are still I prison for Marijuana and non-violent crimes. Marijuana is a Schedule ONE drug and Cocaine is a schedule two drug. And Prohibition never worked on Alcohol.

Welcome to our six-part Documentary Series, we are reaching deep inside the world of the War on Drugs. It is my pleasure and job to share with the world and awaken our people and Governments in-charge to this one topic and long overdue story to be told. My intention is through film to be the voice of this topic one of the most urgent issues of our times.

Lifers is telling true stories from the Prisoners POV in prison and the many Drug and Prison Reform Activists. Prohibition has to end and all non-violent prisoners including Plant prisoners need to be freed now!

Link to film:

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