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Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Convectium is the creator of the first wax & oil disposable for the vaping industry, one of the first dry herb vaporizers, and the industry’s first American-designed filling machine. Using our 710Shark oil filling machine and 710Captain capping machine, customers are able to fill and cap 100 cartridges in under a minute- increasing their output by 60x! Our line entire line of US engineered, proprietary hardware and infrastructure is focused on automation and quality.

With a team of in-house designers, engineers, product developers and product managers, Convectium is focused on helping build your brand, automate your workflow, and get your custom branded products onto dispensary shelves and into the hands of customers quicker. Over 100 companies, including many dominant brands in the space, rely on Convectium for machinery, hardware, design, packaging, and total automation solutions.

As of 2018, Convectium has operations in seven US cities, utilizes two factories in the US and three dedicated factories in Shenzhen, China, and has grown to a team of over 25 employees.


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